Tengda ceramics stood out and was selected for the Guangzhou Asian Games Project

Company News

For many years, Tengda Tile has been committed to product innovation and technological innovation. It has developed a series of new products that lead the industry trend, such as slate bricks, light-purifying bricks and ultra-thin bricks. At the same time, it also produces and sells antique bricks and has achieved good results. With its products, quality and service advantages, Tengda Tiles has become the supplier of exterior wall tiles for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Village and several Olympic venues; the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games is another opportunity for China to show its charm, Guangzhou Asian Games Village Media Center, The Asian Games City primary and secondary schools have adopted Tengda ceramic tiles, and Tengda ceramic tiles will also take this opportunity to better display their products and brand image to customers all over the world.