Former US President George W. Bush’s brother visited Tenda

Company News

On the 14th, Jinjiang Tengda Ceramics Co., Ltd. welcomed a mysterious guest, Mr. Neil Bush, the brother of former US President George Bush. It is reported that Tengda Ceramics is the only one of Mr. Bush’s trip to Quanzhou. station. Accompanied by Huang Baoshou, general manager of Tengda, Mr. Neil Bush visited the Tenda exhibition hall and the new industrial park to listen to the introduction of the company's development history and to learn more about the achievements of Tenda. Neil Bush also carefully understood the future development plan of Tenda. Subsequently, Mr. Neil Bush spoke highly of Tenda. He said that Tenda is a strong and well-managed company. The company has excellent product quality and huge market potential. He is willing to assist Tengda products in expanding the US market. During the visit, Huang Baoshou, general manager of Tenda, expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Bush’s visit. Huang Baoshou said that the Bush family is one of the most influential families in the United States. The arrival of Mr. Neil Bush has a very important reference for the exchange of business culture and the development status and future development trends of the two countries. Mr. Neil Bush expressed his gratitude to Tenda for his kind invitation and was very happy to visit Tenda. He praised Tengda's achievements in more than 20 years. After that, General Manager Huang Baoshou and Neil Bush gave each other gifts and took a group photo. Neil Bush gave a photo of a family photo with his father and brother autographed and signed a message saying, "I am honored to visit such an outstanding company. I am sure that your company will be better and better, and I will represent the whole. The family gives your best wishes!" Then Neil Bush and the Tengda company leaders and related staff took a group photo